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Our showroom represents medium to high –end Fashion International Brands.

We’ve been working in this field for the last 14 years and very recently we established a new Concept Company, The Solid Concept, with a strategy of a B2C project.

Since we ‘re developing our company and the brands we represent in a very sensitive and weak financially market, we are moving with very careful and pre-scheduled steps.

For this reason, the new brands in the showroom are considered part of these steps, for one reason more that trends are moving too fast.

Our showroom is part of THE GARAGE PROJECT, which is a 2000s.m. space with different brands, designers and showrooms to present their collections seasonally.

The multi space of THE GARAGE PROJECT is new and freshly renovated with an Industrial shape and a high percentage of visits by customers from all over Greece and Cyprus.

We invest in new cooperations.

We love our job! 

The Solid Concept Team